how the singapore went down

yeah, got a bit nervous and didn't eat for two days. as a result my performance was shakey and not very deliberate. henry took me around the city, the venue shaped like two giant fly-eyes (which, I learned, is also australian slang for testicles, thanks to darren hanlan), with a perfect half-moon above. still jet lagged, going to sleep unreasonably early and waking up at 3am, it all added up to the classic road-haze, thousand yard stare.

night safari: you go there at night, preferably around feeding time, and you stroll a trail while the animals roam cageless and free. my favorite bit was walking through the bat cage-- biggest things I ever saw, swooping down to your head, in big gusts of wind.

but it hasn't all been action-- I read, drink coffee, and pay virtual visits to the friend I left behind.

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lady-door said...

the gig in sg was great! wasn't shakey at all. glad u liked the bats.

your new song 'a good place now' is really good. do keep writing those beautiful songs.