Another day, another flood

Cigarettes are starting to get more and more nasty and the notion of quitting more appealing. I used to think clean air deprived me of a smoke, now it's the other way around.

Yesterday I bought the ultimate Dead Child amplifier. The perfect tone and volume without any effects or magic dust- just a deep, tight growl and roar. Doc Electro, an eccentric and endearing chap who does the best repairs in the KY/IN area.

It's a one of a kind amp which he is custom making for me (not the 'Blue Balls' amp he has on his site). I bought the very first one- he was so stoked he brought his wife out to meet me, took my photo for his website (www.docelectro.com), and free repairs for as long as he is alive! Belive it, I'm going to be hassling him on his deathbed.

The more I work on the Dead Child music the more I am convinced of our potential. Everyone is such great players/writers that anyone who wants their music lean and mean will be satiated.

Our singer, Dahm, tells these stories of a world filled with robots, zombies, and vampire whores. Michael writes songs that makes you want to fight and bounce off the walls. Tony is a monster, plays like he's trying to blow up the mics. And Todd is precise, taking it down into subsonic ranges. and I just fucking shred.

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