Driving from LA to OH in a Mustang

I picked up the Pony in Orange County and started driving east. Today I was on I-40 for ten hours- through the Painted Desert, the Petrified Forest, and stopping to check out the 50,000 year old Meteor Crater. Photos of bison and video of sunset behind, pajamas and sleep ahead. Blessed with good fortune, I put the Pony Girl to sleep.


Prairie said...

I like it when you get on the 40 in Barstow and there's a sign that says 2500 miles to Wilmington. See you at Spaceland when you come back, enjoy the drive.

Wayne from Santa Barbara said...

Nice route...hey, and next time you
find yerself heading south on the Black Canyon (I-17), be sure to take the detour to Jerome...A truly
magical ghost/former mining town
"built on stilts" with drop dead vistas for many miles! What kinda mileage is the pretty pony getting
for you? I looked at one of those
but found I could only afford a Chevy Aveo...Can't complain though, now consistently averaging about 35mpg....Looking forward to 1968 and your return to Spaceland in August!!! Safe driving amigo : )

P A J O said...

thank you sirs-- I made it back (past wilmington!) sound, safe, and intact.