9/11 at 7/11

Saw a trailer for a Hollywood disaster film based on 9/11 starring Nicholas Cage. I almost lost my lunch. It never takes us long to make tragedy turn a profit, what did I expect?

If you want a movie about 9/11 check out the documentary of the same name by the French filmmakers Jules and Gedeon Naudet. They happened to be making a film about the NY Fire Department on that fateful day-- it's unbelievable.

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LOZ said...

i was reading some article today about that film . . . cage trying desperately to condone it's intentions. i thought the same as you . . . especially because it is oliver stone's movie: fuckin guy is so irresponsible with his power over the dumb masses . . . anyway, cage reckons it's about time to depict some history and i say bullshit because the history will never be captured the way it was in the documentary you describe. stone's film will only alter the memory and forge distorted images in people's minds .. . see jfk. . . . the brothers' story of 9/11 is by far the only account we need of that atrocity . . . and speaking of atrocities and accounts thereof . . have you read Night by elie wiezel . . . goddamn horrific tale of the holocaust written by a survivor . . . never have i been so shocked by simple words . . . here's a quote for your pleasure: "questions possess a power that is lost in the answer" . . . that's bloody good aint it? . . . thanks for the time. loz