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PAJO in AM New York

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SNG said...

HI there, you came out to Australia in early 2000 and played a gig at the Corner Hotel(post shark cage). I remember eagerly awaiting the gig cos I'm a fan of your work. After Mick Turner's road movie you didn't come on for ages, then when you did come on you played for about 30mins then you were gone. At the time, after the gig, I thought 'how arrogant'i didn't think that maybe you had stage fright, it didn't occur to me til this year when I saw you play at the Northcote Social Club. It made perfect sense. There I was back in 2000, insecure in my thinking that you were doped up or to arrogant to give a longer set. I feel I must say 'Apologies, I'm enjoying having your music as a constant to the everyday flip. looking forward to the newy plus a tour down here maybe
ps can hook you up with a band