There's a local band- who not only suck but are also straight up thieves. I won't name any names, but we'll prove this Saturday who the better man is.


Randy Row said...

I feel your pain. My roomate is a klepto right now.

Michelle said...

The slide reminds me only slightly of an ice cream cone of any flavor; however, I just noticed that you are in Columbus, OH where an acquaintance of a friend opened up an ice cream shop a while back called Jeni's, located in North Market. A friend and I have been threatening to order their "signature nine" for months, subbed with seasonal flavors like the coriander with fresh raspberry and the candied beet and mascarpone with honey and orange zest but every time I think I'm gonna go for it I can't quite fork over the $63. ($45 alone for dry ice shipping to CA!) for 4.5 pints of ice cream. It may be a better value to do it solo and pay $125. for nine pints. We've also considered just flying out to Columbus to try the ice cream but, of course, not now considering the long waits at airports.

Have you tried the ice cream? Is it worth a $63 delivery?

hthr said...

It's not a slip'n'slide, but it does look deliciously inviting! I haven't located the perfect hill yet for my banana-yellow plastic wonderland, but it's so close I can taste the ryegrass as I crash headfirst into it.