Friendly eyes everywhere you look and not a pair to recognize.


Xight Bike said...


i'm from L.A and was visiting a friend in SF for the weekend and was bummed that i was going to miss you on saturday in L.A. on friday i stumbled into a bar in SF and there you were! that room was so packed that it had all the makings of a Great White concert disaster. the silence of all those people and your songs was eerie and beautiful and blended in perfectly with the Jack Daniel's in my belly that had started to shake hands with my brain.

thank you,


Michelle said...

Thanks for playing San Francisco. It was a quiet night and a pretty show all wrapped up in a very close arrangement of chairs and stares.

I'm also glad to have just discovered your blog (while at work, no less!) and to see that you are quite prolific here.

Probably too slight to make your year and too late to make your day, but thought I'd share a December moment: