The plane of bliss

What is it that you have spawned upon this plane of bliss? The progeny of remarkable fountains, the empty socket that waits, purring with electricity.


madeleine said...

dear dave, may i humbly confess that as a foreigner it is sometimes really hard to understand some of the stuff you write! it is very sophisticated and poetic for me. so i'm afraid i can't comment on the post because i have no idea what you're talking about.. please forgive my ignorance.. may i comment on the photo, tho. i love it!! taken with your mobile phone, i guess? i've been doing that a lot and it's great fun. on my flickr site if you click on the mobilephone tag you'll see my collection. i quite like that tiny, cheeky camera!

oh, do you know what is going on with domino? your new album doesn't seem to be available in the uk yet? bugger bugger. i really want to listen to it. can you believe that i still haven't.

take care, my friend, hope all's well with you.
kindest regards

P A J O said...


I don't often check the comments, cuz I've been a bit swamped lately. but just to let you know-- this new record is on drag city europe, not domino. it's an experiment that appears to be failing!

warm regards