Bitter pills

Today I worked on taxes & avoided the sunlight. Time to lay low and let truth settle.


bonjourtristesse said...

...that's exactly what I did today too. Be well David, your music has meant so very much to me!

bonjourtristesse said...

David! thank you, thank you for commenting on my blog...so happy! I really dug hearing that the DS-1 played a part in Spiderland's creation. That album is hugely important to me. Incredible guitar tones. Incredible feel...gosh i could go on forever talking about its brilliance on so many levels, but hey, I got to go hit up Craigslist and see what sonic goodies I can find! Thanks for the tip, Pajo. Thanks for the loud, the quiet, the just right and the exciting, unexpected sharp turns to the left. Take good care! E. XXXX