We jam econo

Watched the Minutemen documentary last night-- pretty effin awesome. Saw Idiocracy before that and laughed for days after.


Ali Rae said...

"Ow my balls!"

madeleine said...

hi david,

i saw this minutemen documentary last year at the ICA - i loved it. haven't seen that other idio-film yet.

oh, i'm going to shanghai with my boyfriend soon but i'll be back in time to see you at cargo on the 30th. have you been there before? it's very nice (dunno about acoustics & stuff). it's my very first papa m gig (finally!!), so i'm looking forward to it. what kind of stuff are you playing?

you sounded rather sad lately.. hope you're feeling better, my dear.

rainbows and love always,

Michelle said...

Hi Dave,
I saw the Minutement doc at Yerba Buena Theater in San Francisco winter '05 or whenever it screened there. Fun.

The Mission of Burma doc, "This is Not a Photograph" also showed at YB not long ago. Missed it but caught it on dvd last week. If you're a fan of this band I definitely recommend!