Almost home

Just got back to JFK, currently waiting for my connecting flight back home. Dirty 3 ATP still fresh on me, I want to bathe in pizza sauce. More details to follow.


LOZ said...

thanks for the show at the cargo, dave. very beautiful. and an absolute pleasure to have met you. hope you enjoyed england and its freaky climates!

Patrick said...

hey dave, hope you got home allright. thanks again for the show in brussels. (if you wanna use my Mesa again, your welcome to do so). we'll see you for the slint-gig!

Burtbashy said...

Saw you at ATP, and just wanted to let you know how understated and beautiful your set was. Scarcely have I seen a room full of hungover people so rapt. The footbells were a lovely touch. Shame about the guy playing the fruit machine though - did you hear that?! Come back to the UK soon