Odds seem to repeat the same message. "You could have been a millionaire but you didn't like the consciousness- Wisely, you got the fuck out." No matter how broke I am I'll never regret that decision.


Audial Forsensics said...

It's all true man. Music is more important than money. Get yer ass back in the studio. We need some Papa M. Or Pajo. Or whatever yer calling it now. Slint was beautiful. Just promise me NO ZWAN reunion.

madeleine said...

well i must speak my mind here, if i may.. to me real wealth is not like a big flood that comes and inundates everything; that just overwhelms us and it is extremely dangerous to get lost in. being rich in my experience is rather like having that small stream nearby that is always there when you need a bit of water.

i know that you are a very blessed person. i know you are surrounded by lovely people, you are brilliant, you do what you love for a living, you are loved and admired by your fans.

trust me, most millionaires are not vaguely as rich as you are!...