Got in my work clothes and spent the weekend throwing out the unflattering parts of my history. It was a cold, sunny day in Kentucky but I didn't see it. I did find an old camcorder and watched some of the funniest Papa M footage I've ever seen. I wouldn't say I was innocent then. But it was a naive and beautiful time before I met certain people I eventually despised.

I also found:

- an amazing David Berman poem in an old issue of The Minus Times
- Yngwie Malmsteen guitar tab/cd
- a photo of me on tour in England without front teeth


husk said...

you should share that Papa M footage

Victoria said...

you're going to be like a shamen some day

P A J O said...

husk-- I'm thinking that myself. compile it into a dvd or 'vignettes' to dl from the website.

vic-- there's a wonderful hebrew saying that roughly translates to "it was good but it's good that it was"

cubber said...

and Solomon also said, That all novelty is but oblivion