Armies up ahead

I'll face the warriors head-on, I am not afraid. Just as soon as I clean the espresso machine and have a shower.

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twinkle said...

you always make me sigh
I like to observe this evolution you are in at the moment, it's not quite a reinvention, because it is not the old David anymore.
When you came to my shores you were shy, almost timid, now, I do see a warrior, one who wears his armour on the surface now.

The line about wood for future alters is awesome.. I'm going to share your blog with my other half. He will truly appreciate you.

I raved to him about your blog post from months and months ago where you explain that above in the sky you saw your True Father embracing your True Mother.

You are a visionary.

My myspace I set up again.. myspace.com/getawaysmile

let's get in touch again DP!

Victoria from Sydney