Be There Or Beware

We played two shows in Denver CO on this tour. After the first one, supporting Witchcraft at the Marquis Theater, we crashed at a filthy party house. A week later we get a message from a busking hippy that we smashed her acoustic guitar! Not only is this completely untrue but the we're all insulted at her accusations and ill-informed judgments. We're an easy target (blame the metal band with the morbid name) but that's no excuse. Our second show in Denver is way heavier and new friends are made quickly. After a breakfast plug at Pete's Kitchen we start off on the 1000 mile drive to Louisville. With the Heaven And Hell box set in tow and full Scorpions back catalog, we couldn't have more focused intent!

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Brian said...

I once broke a friend's acoustic with my accidental ass. He still holds a grudge to this day. Dead Child = Come to Ireland?