Omens From The Mind's Menagerie

There is clutter in our minds, we want to straighten up but don't know where to start.

Begging to be left alone-- Welcome back.

Words that come out of my own mouth knock the wind out of me. I've banished sleep from my pillow.

In the back of my mind I wished surrealist cinema was fashionable.

Killed a wolf spider on my way to bed. Brain feeling weak and achey. Turned on the light that hangs over the center of the bed. A striped snake motionless on my pillow. How do they get in the house? Throw him in the creek.

Wake up every half hour to check for spiders and snakes that observe the dark for movement. Sleep ist verboten. These critters are omens from the mind's menagerie. You are what you witness.


DottyOuch said...

Light some candles and make some hot chocolate for those aches.

look after yourself.

have a good day.

best wishes


Anonymous said...

I've a blogspot too these days..

Hope you're well DP.

BTW - that post about seeing your True Father embrace your True Mother.. is that an entry from 05? It left me breathless.