Outdoor Blaze On A Hot Summer Day

The wind storm left me with a massive burn pile that went over my hat. All the neighbors are still without power and water, all you can hear are propane generators and chainsaws. All of us lamenting the size of our burn piles. My 63 year old neighbor said, "We've never had a storm like this, David. I've never seen this much wood." His house is for sale.

The flames went up so high, beyond the tops of the trees, for a good ten minutes. I couldn't get within four yards of the blaze to control it. As I type this on my phone (my new camera-challenged blackberry) I'm waiting for the flames to finish their work. There is sweat dripping down my back to my butt crack, I apologize.

The neighborhood is empty. Everyone is staying with friends or at hotels. The few people with generators only run them for their freezers and whatnot.

I will be going on a songwriting trip to NYC next month, I hope to see you around.

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