September Underground

Sunday night I was planning to see Motorhead, Misfits and Valient Thorr. Around 3pm the power went out. Back on 10 minutes later. Flickering off and on. Suddenly I'm out of electricity and water. A drive through the nearest village shows that its not just my neighborhood that's out. Every store and chain is blacked out, you can't even buy water.

A few hours later and the wind starts lashing the trees at 60 mph. Its raining branches and limbs. Not just the dead ones.

The power line outside my window sinks under a fallen oak. Two maples are uprooted, one takes off into the neighbor's yard. Mature trees are tackling garages everywhere.

Phonecalls later indicate that this storm wiped out the whole damn city. But I live in the middle of nowhere so I'll be damned if anyone will get to our dead end neighborhood. They're expecting it to be about a week until the power's up again.

Spent a good ten hours dividing piles of debris. At 7am there was a vivid full moon hanging out in the sky, shooting the shit.

Day three without electricity and water. Motorhead rescheduled to play last night but sadly I missed it. I was too beat to make the drive into the city. Went to the gym to take a shower before they closed. Ticketmaster charged me $40 for that ticket and I still have never seen Motorhead.

I repeat:

Paid $40 for a ticket and I still have never seen Motorhead.

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rada said...

i'd heard about those strong winds in the mid west. dangerous weather sucks.