Creepy #90

In 1977, at the age of 9, I stole a brand new issue of Creepy. The cover scared me so much I had nightmares every night for a week. Kept it hidden under my bed. Finally told my dad that I had a magazine that was scaring me really bad. He said I should give it to him and he would throw it away for me. That's what fathers are for.

A year earlier, in third grade, the teacher asked each kid what they wanted to be when they grew up. Everyone said the usual occupations, "Cowboy" "Doctor" "Ballerina" etc. I said, "A horror make-up artist". The teacher made me repeat it. I was very serious.

I just found a copy of Creepy #90 at a comic store--it looks exactly as I remember it.

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Anonymous said...

funny funny.
especially how we remember these things.
and how these things appeal to us as children, certain flights of fancy.