Menegroth Songs

Burned a CD of Menegroth song ideas today-- 12 tracks, 33 minutes. I'm going to re-record all the songs, maybe combining different ideas, into a more concise, listenable demo. Right now it's all very raw. But there are definitely seeds for some seriously cool landscapes.

Also, I need to write out tab for each guitar part, on each song. Otherwise I forget this shit.

Finally settled on a name for this project. Can't share it yet, but the name has additional meaning if you read it backwards.

I'm sitting on the L train, going out for a coffee and a drink. It's 11pm and still uncaffeinated. There's a man passed out in front of me who clearly hasn't slept in a bed in months. It's freezing out. He has a cane, long fingernails. When no one else was on the car I slipped a twenty in his coat pocket.

Krallice killed it last night, absolutely destroyed. I'm glad I came out here because they're so inspiring. Good group of dudes, excellent musicians.

Also inspiring: Forest, Steve Reich, Krisiun

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