Wrinkles, Money and Dark Hearts

The saddle is rough and worn but it's mine. It never looked like much to begin with but it gets the job done.

Watching 'Iron Man' I mentioned that I'd been to Bern. A few times. She responded, "I don't even know where that is." There is a Paul Klee museum in Bern that I remember well because it had two Adolf Wolfi drawings.

Talked to some old friends yesterday about the various wrinkles in the leather. I just realized they are both millionaires. They don't mind that I'm far from that. Maybe they like me because they know I could care less about their money.

But anyway, that old saddle metaphor. It's nothing really, just another cliche from the bottom of my dark heart.

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husk said...

well at least YOU can diddly diddly diddly really fast