Before He Was A Gnarly Corporation

A young Walt Disney suffered many losses when he was starting out. Each move, every ambitious attempt resulted in failure after failure. He finally spent his last nickel merging sound with animation on the first public appearance of Mickey Mouse, 'Steamboat Willie'. Despite even his most trusted friends and family's warnings, Walter sold his car and went into debt making the film. "Why should we let a few dollars jeopardize our chances," he wrote to his brother. "I think this is Old Man Opportunity rapping at our door. Let's not let the jingle of a few pennies drown out his knock."


Anonymous said...

Is this from a bio?

If so can you recommend a good one to read?


P A J O said...

Hey John

I paraphrased a bio that I'm currently reading-- Walt Disney; Hollywood's Dark Prince. You should definitely check it out if you're interested. It's unauthorized which means it wasn't edited by Disney Inc.

Anonymous said...

Cool - might stop at the library after work tomorrow.

Thanks for the info.