Blue Eyed Blondes

I was early but I quickly met up with comrade Dan Koretzky from Drag City Records. He was wearing an Indian cloak tailored on Devon Street in Chicago. An old drunk woman kept calling him Rasputin.

We held court. We laughed loudly. We lamented the failing music business. I told him what I wished-- to buy one recording with instant access to all formats.

Before I knew it I was surrounded by the Beautiful People and they were all calling me hero. I didn't protest as I normally would because I needed it. I was raw from home. Too many split open heads at home. As stupid as it sounds, I needed their attention. It made me feel good.

The drinks did flow as did the night. We hit the Nashville honky tonks and the blue-eyed blondes and the dancing geeks. I wanted it all.

Retired in the wee hours, thinking about the betrothed. Painting a picture in my mind
one color at a time, of what could have been.

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