Back in the day, me and my buddy Mike B. used to do a fanzine called DESPAIR. I started contributing in '84 but I think he'd been doing it for a year or so.

Got me to thinking about an idea I've never pursued. I've always wanted to turn Pink Hollers into an actual online fanzine with interviews, music equipment, live shows and record reviews, guitar and recording tips, alongside my usual nonsense.


I'd interview musicians, engineers, producers, writers, poets, fashion designers, models, record label owners, directors, movie editors, screenwriters, painters and my neighbors.

The best fanzines to ever come out of Louisville are (in order of awesomeness):

1. Self Destruct (Brett Ralph)
2. Born To Lose (Rat)
3. Hit The Trail (David Grubbs)
4. Little Friend (Ned Oldham)
5. Big Enemy (Will Oldham)
6. Despair (Mike B & David Pajo)
7. License To Kill (Irv Ross & Bill Murphy)
8. King Kong (Ethan Buckler)
9. Pear Of Offensive Pages aka P.O.O.P. (?)

Everything else, and I mean everything, was AWFUL!

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benmoore said...

Go for it, David. You write really well and it'd be a pleasure to read.