Fingers crossed for a festival gig in Brazil and Argentina. I've never been there before so bringing my little songs to South America will be an adventure, fo' shuh.

Found a lot of photos I thought were lost forever, including my shows in Singapore, Australia and New Zealand from a few years ago. Mostly photos of beaches and friends but also strange hotel loner pics.

Drums assembled not, all over the floor. It's always such a chore for me to find the optimal tuning for each drum-- I'm a guitar player really.

Saw a new local band called Nukkehammer starring the coolest dudes on the planet-- Matt Miner from Teeth of the Hydra, Dennis, and the awesomely-named Laser. Old dudes playing hardcore like it's 1989. That's my vibe!

Louisville is not home anymore, and hasn't been for a long time.

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joselbaez said...

Hello Dave,

Is there a chance of coming as well to Chile? We are not as many people as Brasil and Argentina but for sure there is a lot of followers of your music.

Anyway, South America is awesome! You will enjoy it.