Come on, Pink Hollers!

Haven't updated this blog in so long-- not because I haven't wanted to. But because ithe domain name expired and I've been "on the road" (a term I've started to dislike). When I get a decent patch of time I'll be able to settle this.

I'm sitting on a plane in Tel Aviv en route to London. It's business class so I feel pretty great despite being up all night. The tour manager is next to me and he's fully blistered-- sauced to the point of gibberish mumbling.

We played to 50,000 people last night, supporting Depeche Mode. All the venues keep getting upgraded to accommodate demand. The fans are intelligent and warm. I feel so privileged to be a part of their world.

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benmoore said...

Good to know you're still out there! Not sure whether I'd like to be part of Depeche Mode's world for an extended period of time but it must be an amazing experience. Hope the Tour Manager didn't dribble on you. I know what they're like. All super efficient until after the gig and then get over excited and make tits of themselves. The joy of the tour. Sounds like you're having a blast. Best wishes from Paris, ben