Thou shalt behold... the Arctopus!

Came home to a prototype Jackson 7 string. Neck through, EMGs, real Floyd Rose, Soloist body... Jesus, I almost had one of these custom-made last year, I can't believe they read my mind. That's why I am a proud Jackson endorsee. I need to treat it like a skateboard and start covering it with stickers and graffiti, or gaffa tape. My fingertips haven't been this calloused in years. I think all my future solo records are going to be written on this thick beast. 90s nü-metal gave the 7 string a bad rap. I have named her Arctopus, in honor of the band.


Alex said...

Nice prototype and finish to boot!

Gregg said...

Hello David, my name is Gregg Houston. I run an internet TV show in Belfast called babysweet tv. Each show lasts ten minutes and we have an acoustic performance at the end of each.

I understand that you are in Belfast with the YEAH YEAH YEAHS for tomorrow nights show and was wondering if you fancied recording an acoustic performance somewhere in Belfast whether it be a pub or botanic park etc.

The previous shows can be found here:

It would be a real honor to have you on the show. It would be one camera and one mic, its very laid back and it would take about half an hour to film i reckon.

My number is 07967422928.

Hopefully i will see you soon, if not have a good show tomorrow night.