Thanking You.

Thanks to everyone who has been buying Pajo / Papa M via music.davidpajo.com and Evila courtesy of alive.evila.co.uk!!! I recently used the earnings to buy a TC Electronic Polytune and a Rycote Invision USM-L shockmount. You are literally allowing me to make better sounding music! Please note I said "better sounding music" as opposed to "better music."


MNR said...

Just curious: What sort of scenario requires that sort of shock resistence? If you had a passing truck wrecking your recording, how would you know what was bleed vs. what was coupling in from the ground, through the mic stand?

J said...

Thank YOU for making the music you do... love the Papa M / Pajo stuff. I will buy as much of it as you make :)

Jason said...

I'd love to buy the Audrey split songs, if you have plans to make those available (lost my copy somehow).

Been listening to a lot of your music again recently, can't wait to hear what's next!