Denials denied.

Thanks to services like Twitter and Facebook (whose status updates are just my Twits), I haven't been using this blog much. The aforementioned services have their pros and cons but I'm not always into the one sentence summaries, the comments dialogues, the public persona, etc. Sometimes I just want to write gibberish. Or waffle on about the recording process. Or wax lyrical about meditations, dreams, etc. Sometimes I need space to write. So Pink Hollers, here I come again.

The photo you see above is a case I bought recently to house my mobile recording setup. I've set up something small and self-contained so I can record in hotel rooms while I tour with Interpol.

Rifle not included.


Jason said...

Great news. Wasn't "Walk Through the Dark" recorded in a hotel room? One of my favorite Pajo songs.

Dek said...

So happy to hear you're back - i've missed you. And was "Lovely Room" written in a hotel room? "Who knows"? I doubt it but i love both those songs too. The 6 eps are still on high rotation at our place.

d. said...

molto bene!