Face Fuck Book.

It shouldn't be a big deal to shut down your Facebook page-- it's fun for a while and then you move on. If you don't need it to 1) promote your band, 2) reconnect with old friends, and/or 3) get laid, then what's the point? My free-love, befriend-everyone style become more of a burden after a while. Same thing happened with Myspace.

My friends have my email and telephone number, that's good enough for me.


l.reese said...

Agreed. - Loren

Rairun said...

Ha, today I got an e-mail saying "David confirmed you as a friend on Facebook", but when I clicked the link to your profile, it was gone. :P

All I wanted to say was: great show with Interpol last Friday. I was standing right in front of you, and I was tempted to yell "Beloved woman!" or "Foolish King!"--but alas, I was a little too self conscious about my foreign accent.

By the way, sorry for bringing this over here, specially considering the reason why you closed your facebook. I won't demand any more attention though. Hope you eventually play a show of your own around these parts, and good luck!

P A J O said...

Thanks Rairun and Loren! It wasn't because of peeps like you that I shut it down-- I just couldn't maintain it anymore. Sometimes DIY is too much work for one person!