Okay Summer Now

So all the travel changes are putting me into Brisbane on Wednesday morning -- hopefully that means I can get some drinks with the almighty Portal!


Jeff said...

Hello ,

I recently found some Maurice recordings on the internet: http://teamabunai.org/corey/secrets/Maurice.zip
after posting this link onto facebook, rat advised me to check with you, Mike Bucayu, and Britt Walford if you all are okay with me sharing this stuff. Bucayu already gave me thumbs up on it, so now it is time for you to give your input on it.


P A J O said...

Hey Jeff

My two (s)cents: I'd prefer if that stuff wasn't online as there is an opportunity to release it properly. By properly I mean with artwork, photos, cherry picking the best versions of songs and (most importantly) cleaning up the recording at a good mastering lab so it sounds the best it possibly can. I also don't think it's fair to the record label who will be investing money into this.