This, and Halloween, are the only two holidays I really care about anymore. I should honor my birthday but I don't. The YYYs threw together a little shindig when we were in Switzerland and it was possibly the best birthday I ever had. Yeah, this year I'm gonna try and celebrate that I'm not dead.

I'm on the guest lists for both Krallice and Pinback tonight-- I never go out but oh boy when I do yuk yuk! I'm curious to see the support bands for Krallice. Pinback are always good.

I think I'm going to get a flattop before I go to the Philippines in a few weeks. Last time I had one was 1989. My first time in NYC. Slint played at the Pyramid Club. Thompkins Square Park across the street was a hobo shanty town. I walked with amazement through the park with Todd Brashear. I stuck my head under a water fountain, feigned a stuttering limp, and shouted gibberish as loud as I could. It was liberating to be as weird as I wanted and fit right in! I loved New York straightaway!

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