Indoors: No Such Nonsense

There is a room with air conditioning on the second floor where the boys are staying. There were several ants on the bed so we killed them, but that only brought more. There was another bed next to the street but without air conditioning. One sweats all night, even with a fan, we were told. Still, we chose to sleep in there. Our father didn't mind the ants so he took the room with cool air.

Downstairs we went to charge our phones but lost interest when a massive cockroach came scuttling quickly towards us. We jumped up onto the chair and kept an eye on him. The maid, also in her pajamas, came into the room and smiled when she saw us being supreme American pussies.

There are small, fast, vicious (looking) spiders on everything. You cannot sit without ants and Mosquitos coming to you. You cannot shower without them going to your clothes, your towel. Smears of blood and Mosquitos on the sheets in our rooms. Giant cockroaches fall from the ceiling when you least expect it. Our arms and feet are spattered with swollen, rosy bug bites. Some of them itch.

Downstairs the girls are having a problem with lizards in their room. We have just been informed that there's a cockroach locked in the bathroom. We heard the cockroach before we saw it-- fat and mahogany with large wings.

The traffic noise was so loud last night, we awoke every half hour to the sound of crashing. It sounded as loud and clear as if they were in the room.

Then, at 4:45 AM, it begins. Across the street there is a church. The bells begin clanging, the loudspeaker starts, and it begins. The rosary.

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