Is Everybody High

I daresay, this may be the greatest live Ozzy-sans-Sabbath record of all time. If you remove Rhoads and Iommi from the equation, Brad Gillis was an underrated guitarist. You, on the other hand, will hate it-- for all the correct reasons! Ozzy let this go out of print, for different reasons. I got it when it was new and loved it. I even decoded the rune border surrounding the album, by figuring out the vowels first (it's an ode to Randy Rhoads). The only Sabbath record I owned was Master Of Reality, so this was my introduction to their other material.

The artwork and photography is great, the sound quality is clean yet analog, and ozzy is on fire.

Hearing this again, as an adult, reminds me how much I like these versions. It's the sound I was going for in Maurice-- which could be an explanation as to why everyone hated us!

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