Tour Glamour

There is a smell of bananas and mildew in the van. He inspects his nails and bites them neurotically. I am sore from various sitting positions and bored with smoking. My left eye is watering from all the yawning. All for that hour onstage.

From the ashes, like an eerie silent battlefield,



Anonymous said...

you destroy

Anonymous said...

you rule

Hannah said...

I really don't wish to actually leave a comment in reply to this post, however, I do wish to reach out to David Pajo without going through all the booking people, etc. I'm a huge, huge supporter in all that you have done, currently do, and continue to do. Out of all the albums I own (and I own many and have over 26,000 songs in just my computer library) Live From a Shark Cage is by far my favorite album of your project, Papa M. Of course, all of your other creations are incredible. I really hope we could speak some time. Human interaction is scarce these days, but I have hopes. Hope all is well with you - take care!

Charlotte, NC