Nearing The Homestretch

Yes, we are ugly and unprepossessing. But we are not in love with beauty, we don't worship beauty, we don't crave it. We adore reality and nature, with all it's warts and tragedy and transcendence. We don't love only a portion of nature and the human drama (beauty). We love the entire scope of it's reach.

From the ashes, like an eerie silent battlefield.



Anonymous said...

For what it's worth, I acknowledge it's your decision, that nothing is more yours than your life, but am saddened by your passing. You're an amazing person. May you find peace and take your fill of love.

Unknown said...

Take this sorrow and turn it into a kick ass album titled 'from the ashes like an eerie silent battlefield' You're better than this, it can not end this way.
P.S. you love your kids, they are beautiful and love you...there is no replacement for you only stand ins.

Main Drain Studios said...

Stay strong. Make more art.