Dreams Born Not From The Bush Of Madonna

Raymond Pettibon is 51 years old. I've been enjoying his art for over 20 years now-- jeez, I'm up there. SST and Forced Exposure were my only source for his art, but to this day it still makes me laugh out loud, or contemplate some moment of street drama.

Santa, please give me books by Raymond Pettibon. Better yet, give me framed original art and I will burn candles in your honor every night.


tuba2000 said...

I was lucky enough to see one of his exibitions back in 98 in LA. Fantastic. I actually ordered copies of his zine from SST back in the early 80's but they were all sold out. It wasn't until a few years ago that I dropped over 100 bucks for a book that had all his early zines. I felt like an ass for spending that much money but it was well worth it. Awesome artist.

husk said...

I might just be able to fulfill that christmas wish

P A J O said...

tuba-- you'll forget the money someday and only remember the incredible art!

husk-- I'm so jealous right now I am going to eat my boots.