I Did It

I can't believe I did it. After all this time I finally have a decent recording studio. The first time I put out a recording where I played all the instruments myself was in 1993. I've been collecting gear and moving my studio around ever since. Live From A Snoot Snout, Whatever Mortal, etc was all recorded at my Clover Lane house. 1968 was done in a tiny box in the East Village. The studio has been through so many changes-- covered with spiders in the dank basement of German Village (not to be confused German Town in Louisville KY), reduced to a corner of a room as a cassette player. I've never had this much clean space to work with and it's remarkable. Just yesterday I finished all the wiring. Today I tested all the connections and patchbay business and then scrubbed everything until it glowed.


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husk said...

Put up some teaser pictures!