A Lot More Fun

"How much fun is a lot more fun? It ain't much fun at all."

- David Berman

I've never cared much for New Years Eve, I'm an old scrooge. There was so much pressure to have a good time when I was younger and it was always disappointing. I thought my whole year was foredoomed.

I love New Years resolutions though and always look forward to conquering them. In fact, I make them throughout the year, strange ones. For example, "I won't ask questions or say I'm sorry for a fortnight" or "No professional haircuts for a year, only friends are allowed to cut my hair." I met many girls with the latter. The former was really really tough. "How are you?" is a question! I'd have to find creative ways to rephrase questions into statements.

My studio is unending. I had to blow a $1000 on upgrades and $80 on 20' midi cables I no longer need. Grr.

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marvin said...

yeah, it's strange. though people were out, naturally, it felt like many people i know stayed in this year. and this year, for as long as i can remember, just didn't even feel like new years. same with christmas. something was off this year.
how's the new work coming along, overall?
i was listening to Whatever, Mortal on a car ride from Nashua, NH to Portland, Maine last week. It never tires.