Anonymous said...

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Afternoon Nap said...

Uh, this is pretty great - can't wait to blast it down Dixie Highway.

Moketa Man said...

This sounds so cool. I've never really been able to listen to metal in anything more than small doses (the guys at the kitchen I work in blasted Metallica for four and a half hours straight last weekend and I thought that I was going to go postal), so I'm surprised that I love "Hexes" as much as I do. Although I would have typically disregarded this record as "not my cup of tea metal," I gave it a fair chance just because I like Pajo's earlier recordings so much, and now it's hard for me to stop listening to or thinking about this album. I can't wait to play it for all of the metal heads at work tomorrow.

Myles said...

Hey David... I was one of the lucky few who picked up an Evila disc at ATP - and I've been listening to it ever since! Sounds like four badasses playing in a room, and not just one. And the ATP show was a perfect start to a Saturday afternoon, good for several goosebump moments.

Dek said...

Dude - this is awesome! Best thing i've heard for a long time. Can't wait to buy the album.

JanuskieZ said...

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Pulentboy said...

Hi David, i've been listening to this album since christmas, like 30 times now and its just great. i was amused by thinking that all of this was made just by you including the mix, this stuff sound way better than any mix made by me, you are a very talented person and you should be happy about it, i know i would. Who cares about the record deal or the recognition, thats is not the reason that inspired you to do this in the first place.

well thanks for the music, its been a pleasure to hear it, i wish you the best, adios.

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