Suddenly, he turned

New York -> Vancouver -> Hong Kong -> Singapore. I am not looking forward to this flight...

NYC Impoundment Lot

I left my car at the NYC Impoundment Lot for six weeks. Surprisingly it wasn't the most depressing place I've ever been in-- in fact the whole experience was quite enjoyable. Except that my fee was $985. But I've got my POS car back so I can drive myself to the airport. And spend $15 a day to park it while I'm on tour. Total: $335. The good thing about moving to OH is the chance to save some money. New York is for the elite these days. Or those unlike myself, with straight jobs.

The games begin

I am writing and taking photos with my mobile phone from New York City. Tonight, I leave for Singapore.

If I'm able to get a signal, I'll try to send photos and text regularly, so you can follow me along on my travels. Most of them will most likely be sent in moments of boredom, photos of airports and whatnot. It all depends on if my phone will work in these countries. Otherwise, expect photos from JFK Airport!

You can always tell which posts are sent from my phone-- sent whilst traveling; the auto-caps function will be engaged.

*geek* If that matters to anyone... !


leaving new york

for singapore tomorrow. no visa, no work permit, nothing. fingers crossed!

I haven't packed, not sure where to leave my bastard car, and I'm having second thoughts about the record I just finished.

I never leave the house these days, except to smoke and buy food. but when I do, I really fucking leave.

o to fail

failure is the greatest thing to happen to me, it's the only time I ever truly learned anything.



finished the record and sent it to drag city.

as always, I hope it doesn't suck.


after all this time

I've finally figured out how to play a decent show-- you have to hide out from everyone and WARM UP. the goal is to get worked up so you hit the stage running.

then I can very quietly play all these sad songs!


everyday is a hard-working saturday

today I rehearsed the set twice, and it was much better. it's amazing what a good night's sleep can do. thank you, ambien.

I also added a hammond b3, farfisa, and comped vocals for a song today-- that's a good day's work.

looking at apartments in ohio online. it's amazing, some of the biggest luxury apartments are still half of what we pay here in the east village.

I'm going to miss manhattan, I never get sick of it. I wouldn't conceive of saying this about anywhere, but new york is the greatest city in the world.

a decade ago, I would have despised the person I've become.

got my ears shortened

and cut off all my damn hair. apeish, but I feel like a nude man.


it's 5:20am

and I'm still recording. I do nothing else but record, all day and all night. I take breaks with the simpsons, dinner, and maybe an episode of curb. but otherwise it's nothing but staring at this freaking computer, honing a cd out of nothing at all.

I could fall asleep, but there's so much work left to do tonight. when I wake up, whenever that is, it has to be done.


last night, headphon'd, I fell asleep

listening back to scratch tracks. woke up briefly to take off the headphones. in my deep sleep, I heard someone walk to the edge of the room, their weight creaking on the floorboards. being in alone in this drafty house, doors unlocked, I called out "who's there." they started walking down the hallway, to the main room, and stopped. again I shouted "I said who's there." they started walking down to the basement where I could hear them shuffling around.

fearful, I turned on all the lights and waited for daylight.

made a phonecall in the morning but they were no help at all.


it was a fine night

with her violently throwing up while I reheated persian food. didn't get much done, but overall it was a fine night.