A Lot More Fun

"How much fun is a lot more fun? It ain't much fun at all."

- David Berman

I've never cared much for New Years Eve, I'm an old scrooge. There was so much pressure to have a good time when I was younger and it was always disappointing. I thought my whole year was foredoomed.

I love New Years resolutions though and always look forward to conquering them. In fact, I make them throughout the year, strange ones. For example, "I won't ask questions or say I'm sorry for a fortnight" or "No professional haircuts for a year, only friends are allowed to cut my hair." I met many girls with the latter. The former was really really tough. "How are you?" is a question! I'd have to find creative ways to rephrase questions into statements.

My studio is unending. I had to blow a $1000 on upgrades and $80 on 20' midi cables I no longer need. Grr.


I Did It

I can't believe I did it. After all this time I finally have a decent recording studio. The first time I put out a recording where I played all the instruments myself was in 1993. I've been collecting gear and moving my studio around ever since. Live From A Snoot Snout, Whatever Mortal, etc was all recorded at my Clover Lane house. 1968 was done in a tiny box in the East Village. The studio has been through so many changes-- covered with spiders in the dank basement of German Village (not to be confused German Town in Louisville KY), reduced to a corner of a room as a cassette player. I've never had this much clean space to work with and it's remarkable. Just yesterday I finished all the wiring. Today I tested all the connections and patchbay business and then scrubbed everything until it glowed.



Hobos, Bozos, and Ho-bangers

I'm only aware of power lines and over-hanging limbs during thunderstorms. Spending my Xmas eve labeling patchbays and trying not to feel crummy. I've decided to blow the last of my fun money on an SSL Alpha Channel. Without promise of a label or even singer, I work diligently on this record. Alright! Happy Xmas, all!!!

Best Fashion Advice Ever

"Dress every day as if you're gonna get murdered in those clothes."
- 30 Rock


Dragon's Tail

I picked up the Dragon's Tail that's been plaguing everyone around me. I call it that because it's like a many barbed tail thrashing around in one's stomach. Lots of ugliness I won't share. Suffice to say, it's been a difficult past few days and I can barely keep my eyes open. Three AM found me shaking with fever, driving myself in the freezing cold to buy medical supplies. I found an additional empathy for the helpless.


Up To My Neck In Disease

I had a hotel somewhere between NYC and Philly. As soon as I got the news I packed everything up and drove all night through the snow and ice to get home. Took 12 hours.

Everyone's sick but me. I guess someone has to care for the unhealthy, I'm as eligible as anyone.


Shows Canceled

I'm sorry to report that Aaron AKA Gene Ween has been admitted into a hospital tonight with pneumonia. The upcoming shows in Philadelphia, Brooklyn, and New York are canceled. The shows I played with him have been outstanding and I hope for a quick recovery.

History Lesson Thirteen

The current MP3 destruction of the record business is similar to the early days of electrical recording. Labels were freaking because peeps could buy a radio (computer) and the music and playback system came free (downloading). What did the labels do then?


Free At Last

Tito Franco passed away less than an hour ago. I have many awesome memories of him, but I'll always remember him as the funny uncle.


Indoor Camping Tour

The motel room is so vile that I set up my air mattress on top of the bed and sheets. Left all the lights on to discourage roaches. Wore my hat and leather jacket to bed just to stay warm.

I am rocked to sleep by angels-- they all remember my name.


Overwhelming Apathy

We sat in the car while it rained. Eating pizza-flavored Combos for breakfast at a service plaza on the New Jersey turnpike. Lamenting the words I forgot mid-song. No one even noticed.

Homeless with cash in pocket ain't so bad, since we always return to homes. But these solo tours-- I hate them! Hanging around horny, surrounded by strangers... What a creep.

I'm going to buy a power generator with the bread from this tour, so I'm prepared next time the power goes out for a week. So while I'm busy being ignored, a steel generator is waiting for me to take him home.

Deliver Us From Bad Shows

Forgot how much I hate playing quiet music in noisy bars, especially solo. So nervous before and disappointed after. Why do I bother. Gene Ween Band were impeccable.


Ain't Keeping It Real

Shoveling the driveway so that I may tour
Ain't keeping it real, like anyone
Our default is but to survive
As we tail the remarkable life
Of dreams and wishes and hopes
All the nonsense that fortifies
A purpose-driven resolve
Hammering your own nails
Bought with your own money
Sleeping in the van on the icy lot
Shoveling your own drive
Out of my way you white bastards!