Home Is Where The Good Coffee Is

"I walked into an avalanche" a wise man once said (who, I'm happy to report, is still quite alive). There was the physical, organized avalanche that I put all my effort into. Then the onslaught of destruction began. All in the name of evolution -- I have always embraced productive destruction.

But the big news: Eddie Lee Sausage is a fan!



Tis a good week for haircuts, receipt organization, caffeine reduction and those beloved.

Bass Color By Sharpie

Bad news is sometimes called relief. Those who adapt and change survive. We require a full restructure and I look forward to it. "Keeping it real" is only for those who can afford it, the rest of us try new ways of using what we already have.


I used to be of the belief that drumheads sounded better with age. Pictured above is my old snare head. That's an outline of my hand so I would be sure to always hit the rim shots in the exact same spot whilst recording.


I made a pact with myself a long time ago, to get things done and not mess around.


After a few hours, you don't notice how heavy the boxes are.


The Air Is Not Easy

The power went out twice during our show and we stopped playing after I busted a string -- a .72 baritone string! My brother called the cops three times yesterday. Today my niece lost her parakeet in the dishwasher and wouldn't stop crying.

Impoverished Child

We had to cancel our video shoot today due to lack of funds. Times are tough for a metal band just starting out! Thanks to all who were planning on participating.


Somebody told me something. All I know is that which I want. Even in my drunkeness I have high standards.


It's 6AM And 100 Miles To Go

Dahm ran offstage to throw his insides out. Not sure if it was the omelette or the well Tequila. Once again I was treated to way more than I deserve. At this point, the stairs have handles.


Dude Humor

"I just blowed you a Hershey's kiss!"

- Tony, after passing wind

Be There Or Beware

We played two shows in Denver CO on this tour. After the first one, supporting Witchcraft at the Marquis Theater, we crashed at a filthy party house. A week later we get a message from a busking hippy that we smashed her acoustic guitar! Not only is this completely untrue but the we're all insulted at her accusations and ill-informed judgments. We're an easy target (blame the metal band with the morbid name) but that's no excuse. Our second show in Denver is way heavier and new friends are made quickly. After a breakfast plug at Pete's Kitchen we start off on the 1000 mile drive to Louisville. With the Heaven And Hell box set in tow and full Scorpions back catalog, we couldn't have more focused intent!


Seeing What It's About

Only one real set of stairs on this tour and we're very happy about that!

Haunted Mushroom 1

Spider webs on the chandelier.

Haunted Mushroom 2

Abandonded restaurant with a creek running through it.

Haunted Mushroom 3

Tony glow.

Haunted Mushroom 4

Fireplace room.

Haunted Mushroom 5

Floating chairs.

Haunted Mushroom 6

James Dean.

Haunted Mushroom 7

Mystery photo.

Dad Child

We decided to drive all day, all night, and all day again. From Santa Cruz to Denver. I'm actually fully enjoying the drive and longevity, moreso than the idea of stopping at a hotel.

Nevada Moon and Me

Saving myself for another chance to pulverize.

Come Between Us

We keep to ourselves, until you keep to us.


Forty Nine Ghosts

Played at a haunted hotel last night in the California forest. Asunder were tremendous, summoning the 49 ghosts. Witnessed some serious antics best not mentioned in public. Many caps and stems later and the realizations finally came to haunt me -- the effects of this will be evident at a later date. In the meantime, we have 1,410 miles between us and tomorrow's show. There's an insane hippy chick in Denver who claims we smashed her guitar when we played there last month (of course we did, we're metalheads right?). I'm expecting the best.


Power Windows To The Soul

Looked into the eyes of a mad woman and saw myself curling under the heat.


I really need to move to the LArea. I always live right when I'm here.

Lost Angels

Did an interview with Suicide Girls today and got a free subscription, yes! LA Weekly gave good press and we're excited to tear the roof off this crackhouse tonight.


Fred Child

We look like a rock band so we get asked what band we're in everywhere we go. Due to the offensive nature of our name we started telling curious truckstop shopkeepers that we are "Fred Child." I'm Fred, that's Ed, Ned, Ted and Bill Child.


After a while, there was two of everything -- two shots of tequila, two pints of beer, two bands. This duality was courtesy of the kind folks at Jackson Guitars.


I Wanna Go Home (To Sweden)

Witchcraft have been so amazing on this tour - last night was a chaotic blur of dive bars and tattoos. I heart the Swedes.


Bat Wings Patrol

Skeletonwitch's van broke down outside of Austin, so our late arrival in Albuquerque didn't seem to bug anybody. Played a dark, tight set and shared some laughs with Early Man and Valient Thorr. Then knocking it in a New Mexico suburb with the hummingbirds and coyotes. A beautiful morning with mountain and desert around us, we are cleaned and rested for today's uphill journey.


Locked And Loaded

Putting up with the emptiness - straining poorly towards any invitation.


A Texas Quickie

Played with Skeletonwitch, Early Man, Valient Thorr, and Golden Axe last night - a festival of bears. Skeletonwitch slayed, as predicted, and Texas' Golden Axe seemed like the seed of something great. We played our punk set, bolting in and out of the venue, leaving them sweaty and hungry.


For shelter. Bombs. Release from this typical day.


A New Witch

Had to say goodbye to Witchcraft last night but today we say hello to Skeletonwitch.


Living In Sin

Squalor doesn't even raise an eyebrow with Dead Child. We own everything.


Chlorinated Beetles

I swam in the motel pool with the beetles and biker family. Then had a burger at Chilli's with the band. Walked to the mall to go see Dark Knight. Then spent the next hour stepping on roaches and practicing guitar. Fell asleep listening to some amazing black metal from the early nineties, while thunder clapped above me.


75¢ Handful of Worms

Starting to sweat the upcoming cancellations but I think its just my addiction to feeling anxiety once a day.

Cancelling in our favor

Witchcraft cancelled tonight's show in Omaha due to illness, so we're trying to figure out which city in Kansas we're going to party in. Swimming pool, Dark Knight, and shots - things ain't too bad!


Hole of Dog

After a skin bubbling performance in Minneapolis, we were directed to our threshing floor. Turns out it's a killing field -- dipped in filth and obscenities, scattered with hopeless parties. In the morning, the flies arrived to halo the starving cat.


Million Dollar idea #2

HBO series based on Raymond & Peter recordings, black and white, like The Honeymooners. For mature audiences.



Ain't the Ritz but we just aren't elite enough to divide the audience.