Spreading out

The space for which evolution can occur. Even in no-good, nothing-to-do towns such as this!

So sick

Of moving and traveling. Give me a living surface I can get to know!


It's so late

I will deal with it tomorrow. I'll settle up with the afternoon. so much packing and sleep deprivation, I do what I can.


Untangle me!

I'm up to my chin in cables... Coiling around me like serpents!


A good place

Extricate the people that don't let you fuck up and fail. It's your job to teach yourself life lessons, not their's.

End of Innocence

Revisiting all my old NYC haunts to bid farewell. Not bad for someone who never says goodbye.

fog-haze, air-distance, swish!

anita, dog, and I went to visit the beaches outside of auckland, NZ. stunning fog-haze and stinging sun, more air-distance than I thought possible. I was hesitant to bring up lord of the rings and relieved when anita said, "you've seen lord of the rings right?" "yeah, of course." "THAT'S new zealand"


how the singapore went down

yeah, got a bit nervous and didn't eat for two days. as a result my performance was shakey and not very deliberate. henry took me around the city, the venue shaped like two giant fly-eyes (which, I learned, is also australian slang for testicles, thanks to darren hanlan), with a perfect half-moon above. still jet lagged, going to sleep unreasonably early and waking up at 3am, it all added up to the classic road-haze, thousand yard stare.

night safari: you go there at night, preferably around feeding time, and you stroll a trail while the animals roam cageless and free. my favorite bit was walking through the bat cage-- biggest things I ever saw, swooping down to your head, in big gusts of wind.

but it hasn't all been action-- I read, drink coffee, and pay virtual visits to the friend I left behind.


the four of us

you can't tell from the photo but jack ladder is 6' 6". it was always funny lowering the mic stand after his performance. aaron runs spunk records in australia and rules the surf. jens is a singer-songwriter from sweden, also on spunk.

we had a delicious vegetarian dinner overlooking the ocean after tim (jack ladder) and I did an in-store.

cd's bought today: toy love (chris knox's first band), venom singles collection, burzum.


I don't think I've seen a mcdonald's burger like this anywhere else in the world. please, just a bowl of msg will do. thank you.


in auckland, new zealand

this is from the second show. I overcame stagefright by spending the day with a new friend, checking out all the beaches in the area. awe-inspiring and awesome!

I'm back in manhattan, packing up house, and still unpacking luggage.

more tour photos soon.




In Hong Kong

Not sure if this message will go through, but I'll try anyway.

Get help. I was stuck between two incredibly fat, elbowy people and shrieking babies for twenty hours. TWENTY HOURS.


new zealand

just got in and I have to leave. very green and rainy, beautiful. singapore... more on that later. x


Miserable flight

Maybe I'm halfway there, but already the flight buggers me to no end. Too many people on top of me, touching me. I'm not down with that shit.