Dangerboy From Around The Way

A narrative is begining to roll out like red carpet. Although we spend all our precious linear lives beside space heaters in a Midwestern garage, the chilled air is pressurized with hope.


The Old Revolution

Tearing apart old boxes and putting the same old filthy junk into new plastic bins. Remnants of decades that don't seem to paint any picture. Late at night, I saw a little girl running through the snow on her hands and knees. Looking at me through the window with yellow eyes.


Fake gold chains, fake hair on chest.

A double espresso from Travonna Coffee House is too hot, too bitter, and too big. Finally picked up my Scion ticket today. From the glinting ether, a medallion fell. Now, I just have to find a necklace that doesn't give me a rash.


The Sun Is Hollow And Cold

We thrive, and writhe.

Freezing Silence

Winter "duses" upon us, covering these wretched sounds with angelic powder. Bitterness, mental tortures large and small, endured within walls. While the frost-beasties groan, on the pounce.


<a href="http://alive.evila.co.uk/album/hexes">Hex I by Evila</a>


Remixing Evila

Currently going through the tedious process of remixing all the Evila songs-- I rushed that first mix and the results sound like it. Now it is closer to the original intention, in fact it is almost a different album. Here's a screenshot of my automation fades for one of the songs.