It's You That Burns

In the fire, the world looks like its up in flames.

But it's you that burns


Tear your own hair out

The same old needy shit, driving me fucking batty. I want to crawl on the ceiling, spit on the rooftops.


Restless hunch

A restless hunch, only the lucky made it through the night. A cat sidled up to the window while the foxes and vipers stirred their eyeballs at me from below.


Runneth unto valleys

I slept until it got too hot. Working slowly through my list I bug bombed the basement, finished the laundry, cleaned the living room, and managed to find time to watch the "Still Reigning" DVD. With a twist and a curve, I tried to load up the live video of our show into the computer. But as usual, it crashed at the most critical moment. Casting it aside, I went to work on the song I've been staying up late trying to make sense out of. It didn't jive.


Scraping the vibe from the moment

There was no shortage of silly things to say or risks to take. And I took one of them until the sattelite shutdown any rhythm that was generated. So I took to a firey dream of unrealized potential.

Love awoke me in the middle of the night, we nearly honored another life.


Went to the saloon, got my teeth washed

Some cats have a Ford Mustang, I know how they must feel behind the wheel. I busy myself with glamorous things like bug bombs and dental appointments. It's all good until they raid your home in the wee hours, looking for holes in the plaster to repaint. I worry about hanging out in the same places as these businessmen, so I move to the bus stop.


The Louisville Slamming

What a deadly show- every band was amazing and played like their lives depended on it. We squeezed over capacity into the tight venue and the whole place broke into a flooding sweat, until four in the morning-- the final piece of equipment put away.


Roar! Meow.

Can't seem to control myself when it comes to filthy humor. We tumble over the most inane "what she said" wisecracks and find it curiously addictive.



- I'll be the judge vibe
- as if vibe
- hope you're happy vibe
- cool later vibe
- not like you care vibe
- choking on tears but its cool vibe
- or not vibe

* a list of different "vibes" people give off in casual conversation.


From an old notebook

Boy: You know what?
(Looks at girl. Slams fist on table) (Bam!)
Boy: I love myself.
If you love me,
I must be worth a damn.


Random items on a chair

Van keys, can of Monster energy drink, Meshuggah 'Chaosphere' t-shirt, broken guitar stand, sunglasses, cassette to cd adaptor


Trouble in the wings

We work hard and try to stay aware of our pretenses, each of us keeping the other in check. But without scrutinizing the mirror like an uptight ass, we remind ourselves that this is fun-- and it all falls into place.



There's a local band- who not only suck but are also straight up thieves. I won't name any names, but we'll prove this Saturday who the better man is.


Young, dumb, and full of it

When I was fifteen, my friend Frances said that we would probably mellow out when we got old. I was a young hardcore kid and couldn't imagine it. She's got two kids now. I'm considering never doing a solo tour again.


Darling Companion

Home again and making up for lost sleep. It always takes a few days to come off the tour-high and adjust back to domestic life. But the spirit is resilient and adapts quickly to its immediate situation.

An old friend gave me a videotape of our college gang of freaks, from 87-89. I watched part of it today, awestruck at how I used to be, wishing I could go back and do it right.


Sick of rules

Watched the Roky Erickson documentary at Lincoln Center last night, it was much better than expected. I like movies that stay with you a while after.

I returned the rental car two days late qnd they charged me triple the rate. I waited in the queue to check in my cumbersome luggage and they said I was too early, I'd have to wait an hour. Obviously someone is counting the days and the hours, if not me.

Not too much longer...



Ex-skins marching tough through someone else's bar. Vodka blurring the edges of tourist rockers and yoga exhibitionists.



It's not often one gets to perform in a church and hear someone yell "SATAN!" in a demonic voice- the humor wasn't lost on everyone.



Like dragging your songs along a dirty bathroom floor.



Friendly eyes everywhere you look and not a pair to recognize.

Finishing leftovers

I started at the end of what remained and worked my way back. What I uncovered was correct, just and deserving. I made a place for it in my luggage, I kept it cool during the heat wave.


Days of deep lake

We went to Venice Beach for a swim. The waves were relentless and we spent the majority of our time catching our breath. Plans were broken faster than they were made when I lay my head on that generic hotel pillow.