"Fuck Art, Let's Fart" - spray painted in the 80s by Rat

Logic isn't jiving with my Pro Tools hardware and Pro Tools LE doesn't have plugin delay compensation. The ATA Mellowmuse plugin is worthless when you've trying to use a summing box and lots of analog gear, its absolutely inconsistent. The guitars sound thin and fuzzy. The snare has no body and no snap. I've used up all the iMac's memory and so Pro Tools crashes instead of closes. I've been working on these same stupid songs for over a year. 100-300 Hz is nonexistent no matter how much I treat the room. Why am I working so hard on the worst record I've ever made? No label is releasing it, it's purely a piece of art. Instead of making money I'm making something no one will ever hear or care about-- purely a vanity project. Just another one of those inexplicable things you have to do if you want to live with yourself.


One Fuck Up After The Other

This Frankenstein is covered with bandages. I'll screw something up and won't have time to patch it up properly. I'm the enemy, victim and war medic. What follows are the remains.

Whatever, I tell myself. It's just music.

I Take Breaks From Love

Pee breaks, that is. That's why I always know what phase the moon is-- I have a big, quiet backyard.