Respect The Respectable

Sure is a strange time of transition right now, with Touch & Go severely downsizing and the closing of Virgin in Union Square-- I feel lucky to be experiencing this adventure. I've been up all night traveling. Looking forward to drooling on my own pillow, uber-geeking on my own computer, hyper-dancing on my own disco. I have big plans to polish off an old duet from 2004 that the world needs to hear. Then the touring begins this weekend!

Never Look Back

Just found about a pathetic scheme to usurp what little I have earned. Pretty sad. But I made a conscious effort to kick those people out of my life and things have never been better. Word up: boot the tyrants out now-- boot their little puppets too. You'll never look back!


Running Man

Saw an African American dude on a Harley zipping through traffic on the 405. The back of his t-shirt said "BLACK MAN RUNNING AND IT AINT FROM THE POLICE". Took me a minute to wrap my head around that before I laughed out loud-- running for president!


Rocks Out

I lumbered by in my usual dress rehearsal rags, faking confidence in the background. Something overtook me as I slept and I allowed it, I let it encompass me.


More Employees Than Consumers

Dual lives are easier to juggle than to reconcile. I don't want them to merge, I just want them to agree. I'm not rapping about mistresses and other garbage, just good old-fashioned, internal Armageddon.


Weird Beard Vibe

I honestly don't mean to alienate people. But whenever I'm asked to recommend a current, new release, people aren't too psyched when I say, "I really like 'Sanojesi Aarelle' by Horna" (or something similar). It's always been like that, my friends. I'm a minority and I'll always be a minority. What blows me away doesn't blow the rest of the world away. I'm 40 years old, I'm pretty used to being a weirdo.


Yeah Yeah Yeahs + le Paj

FYI and shit: I've been jamming with the YEAH YEAH YEAHS. We're gonna touch the road soon so please come and check it out, say hello, etc.


Damaged Yet Pure

Had dinner at Pizza Buona, best pie in LA. The poor kid in front of me barfed all over himself and the customers ate regardless of the smell. I wasn't grossed out, I felt sorry for the kid and family.

Another productive stretch and so much has been achieved. I'm still swimming through the days tasks in a dream, barely conscious. Can't wait to clear my head of this fog, open up my ears again, and step out into the light.

Did a ghost really pass through the hallway just now?


Revenge of the Meek

It's been a hectic week and I have been working and traveling hard, in a dream-like state. Despite fractured health I force myself to do what's right for loved ones. I can't force myself to lie down but I think I might give it another shot. I have become friends with the angels but I still prefer comics about demons.


Turn Into

I packed up my stuff, feeling beat down with expectation. But something in my heart was just so sure that it would work.

And sure enough,

sure enough,

it did.


Amen, Omens!

I always get row 13. We've had two Friday the thirteenths in a row. M is the thirteenth letter of the Roman alphabet. Black cats and 13 have been nothing but good luck for me.



Got some really big, really important news to share-- can't wait to spill the beans! But I have to keep it under my hair helmet, at least for the next few days.



Just because the economy sucks it doesn't mean you're less of a person than anyone else. You may have lost your job or hit hard financial times, but it doesn't make you any less powerful or talented. It just means the economy sucks.

Thursday the Twelfth

Friday the Thirteenth has always been my lucky day, I look forward to the wondrous occurrences. Unfortunately Thursday the Twelfth usually bites.


I Do Not Dream About You

It's admirable how many shirts one can iron amongst all the other things to forget on the procrastination list. Cinderella must have had some powerful scheduling software before the Prince upgraded her with slaves. I wish I could dream of owning big houses and estates but I can't seem to control my dreams-- they have a non-physical life of their own.


Months That Aren't Names But Should Be

March. July. October. Good names for children, pets, and guitars. Not good for cars, bands, or genitalia.


The Dark Prince of Hollywood

Haven't been to Disneyland since 1979, I'm an old fucker! Wish I could time machine back to see what it was like because I don't remember any of the sweet details.

Can't wait to go back tomorrow. On a warm, overcast day.