Thanking You.

Thanks to everyone who has been buying Pajo / Papa M via music.davidpajo.com and Evila courtesy of alive.evila.co.uk!!! I recently used the earnings to buy a TC Electronic Polytune and a Rycote Invision USM-L shockmount. You are literally allowing me to make better sounding music! Please note I said "better sounding music" as opposed to "better music."



The powers below have brought me to Scion, to celebrate with fire!
Appendages crossed...


First and Last Ink Job

Way cooler than an autograph-- play Hangman with a tattoo gun!


Engage The Totality

How quickly she spins when you honor your totality. How perfectly she inverts your biography and improvises new chapters. You don't question how you'll manage to achieve anymore. You don't wonder about the logisitics anymore.