Evila Is Nearly.

We don't usually get warm and fuzzy about Halloween but the weather has been flawlessly spook-tastic. Last night I recorded whispered vocals for three songs and wrote lyrics for another three (the Chandler Limited TG1 compressor is dazzling). Still found time to practice on the Arctopus while getting creeped out watching Pin.

Evila is nearly.



I've spent a huge portion of my life staring at this. Not too proud of
that. But what the hey-- it serves a purpose.
Last thing I remember, I closed my eyes to listen to the level of the
sample underneath the real snare. When my face hit the keyboard, it
was time for bed.

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Prussian Pink

We get sloppy when we move too fast, unfocused and incognizant of the
details. And the result is total shit, absolute fucking crap. It's
time for a gore feature.


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Gargot In Action

I added a Big Knob, a Red Eye, and a Red Stripe to Gargot in the past
24 hours. These manufacters come up with the dumbest names... I am so
in love with my studio, I indulge in it's deep, rich sounds for as
long as I'm allowed. I spend a good portion of the day in the same 6
foot radius.


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Played a festival in Lexington Kentucky. Slap happy and raw from the
evening's festivities!


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Home On A Cloudburst

I keep tweaking Gargot Studios until it is airborne and germ-free.
Shit is sounding tight.

For too long I have lived in fear of my enemy-- they are about as
powerful as Dwight Schrute.


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Grendel and Red Leaves

Drove for several hours through the back roads of Ohio. To pick up an
isolation cabinet. Ended up in Amish country-- dodging horse-drawn
carriages and bearded Mennonites. Didn't take any photos because I
didn't want to wow them with my technology. The iso-cab sounds pretty
sweet for 4am reamping.


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Three Days Of This


Hula Hoop Dreams

At this point, he had been hula-hooping for over 55 hours. 


Working on the Ditz

Hello friends and lovers. I'm back for good. Fuck Facebook, fuck Twitter... This is my virtual diary! I finally have a phone with a camera and MMS thingamajig. I have no excuse for not letting you in to my weird world.

I'm Back In Black